Do-it-yourself decorative garden trolley made of wood

In this review, the author shows the detailed process of making a cool crafts for the garden and do it yourself.

It will be a decorative cart made of wood, which will be a great addition to the decor of the surrounding landscape.

And this is not a mock-up, the design is mobile, and all its elements are fully working. For the manufacture of garden carts, simple and affordable materials are used.

Wheel making

First of all, the author makes the wheels of the cart. To do this, cut the 40 * 50 mm bars into blanks at an angle of 22.5 degrees. This can be done without problems on a miter saw.

The sawn blanks must be ground, after which the author drills holes in each of them with a diameter of 20 mm using a Forstner drill.

For the manufacture of four wheels you will need to saw 32 segments (8 pieces per wheel).

To make the central part of the wheels, the author used a piece of the bar, to which he glued a paper template in the form of octagons of the desired size.

Then the blanks must be cut on a band saw. If there is no band saw - no big deal! You can cut these blanks with a jigsaw.

Further, in each central part of the wheel, it will be necessary to use the same Forstner drill to drill eight holes for wooden knitting needles, cut from a round stick.

After that, the author proceeds to assemble the wheels. We insert 7 cm long spokes into the central part of the wheels, then we put eight wooden segments on them. We coat the compounds with PVA glue.

On the band saw we give the wheels a round shape, and then process them on a grinding machine, removing all irregularities.

Frame manufacturing

After the wheels are ready, the author makes a frame. For this, again, a wooden block is used. The master made the front axle movable so that the wheels could be steered in the right direction.

In order to be able to put the wheels on the axle, in the central part the author drills holes with a diameter of 20 mm using a Forstner drill.

At the last stage, we proceed to the assembly of the garden trolley. From above the author sheathes the cart with planks. Boards are also made. Then it remains only to cover the tree with varnish.

For details on how to make a decorative garden trolley of wood with your own hands, see the video on the website.