Felt toys

Felt is great stuff! Anyone who wants to make toys with their own hands can be convinced of this! Firstly, it is very easy to make patterns from felt. Secondly, it keeps its shape perfectly. Thirdly, the felt does not crumble - this means that the edges of the parts cut from this material do not need to be processed! And felt sheets, as a rule, are painted in bright, rich colors. It is for the above reasons that this material is ideal for self-made toys. Even a child will cope with this creative task, everything is so simple! Even a sewing machine is not needed.
I suggest you find out how to sew a funny owl out of felt in less than an hour. You will need:
- felt sheets of different colors;
- scissors;
- multi-colored threads (they can be matched to the tone of felt, but this is completely optional);
- cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or other soft filler.

1. First you need to prepare a pattern of our future owl. You can draw it yourself, guided by imagination, or you can search on the Internet. For convenience, it is better to make a pattern on paper, and then transfer it to felt.

2. First, on one of the parts that make up the body of an owl (and we should have two of them the same), using thread and a needle, you need to sew eyes, wings and feathers. By the way, in order to do this, it is not necessary to browse the details completely - just a few stitches are enough, they will hold perfectly.

3. After all the details are sewn to the front side, you can start stitching it with the back. A small opening should be left for stuffing the owl.

4. The final touch is stuffing the owl with soft material and suturing the last hole.
Funny toy is ready! By the same principle, it is possible to make a wide variety of characters, as well as jewelry, decor elements and even paintings.