Oriental tree made of wire and yarn "Bonsai"

Japanese-style decorative figurine to decorate your interior! Exotic "resident" will give any room more expressiveness and uniqueness of beauty.

This instance is very easy to manufacture and, besides, bears an amazing resemblance to its natural prototype.
To create a bonsai tree, we need:
• yarn "Grass";
• crochet hook (2.0 mm);
• a coil of thick copper wire (about 4-5 mm);
• alabaster;
• a small plastic strip (can be made from a bottle) to form a hill;
• oilcloth;
• construction adhesive tape (paper);
• decorative acrylic enamel;
• black gouache;
• brush.

From yarn we knit 12 different blanks with a crochet column without a crochet (3-4 large, all the rest are average).

Then we collect branches from these knitted parts that are distinctive in size and quantity of “foliage”. The top consists of one “bush”, which should simply be strung on a copper base and tightly fixed at the base (twist the 2 ends of the wire to the stop).

Double and triple branches should be collected a little differently. Here we divide the wire into two halves, one of which should be much longer (working end). We place the required number of blanks on this long section, retreating the same distance between them.

We twist the opposite parts of each small branch and get several branches on one.

Large branches (of 3-4 parts) are made according to the same principle.

A big plus of this composition is the number of branches. They will need only 5: 2 large, 2 medium and a single branch (crown).

We begin to collect from top to bottom, distributing branches on both sides of the trunk (for the central axis we take the crown).

We wrap the already assembled tree with tape, making the branches and trunk powerful. At the end, the bonsai trunk should be made curved.

Now we begin to create a cement base. From a dense strip we form a shape of arbitrary shape, put this blank on oilcloth and lay inside a thick mixture of diluted alabaster.

Immerse the tree in the "rock" and give a few minutes to dry.

Then we remove the form and oilcloth, and then proceed to painting all white surfaces.

The trunk and branches are covered with acrylic.

The hill is black gouache.

And now the bonsai is ready! This tree looks very natural and attractive.