Homemade roundabout shelf under banks with self-tapping screws and screws

For storage of screws, screws, nails, bolts and other little things, different jars with lids (for example, from food products) are perfect. These jars are usually stored on shelves or directly on the table.

However, the author decided to go the non-standard way - to make a do-it-yourself self-made carousel shelf under the cans. Moreover, on one such rotating shelf can accommodate 8 cans of medium size.

And for the manufacture of homemade goods, as always, you will need simple and affordable materials, which are almost always found in the workshop.

The first step is to cut three pieces from the board 150 mm wide and 25 mm thick. The length of the blanks themselves: two boards of 30 cm and one - 40 cm.

The main stages of work

From two wooden boards 30 cm long, two curly details will need to be cut, and on a long blank - just round the corners.

In the upper part of the figured blanks, you need to find the center and drill holes with a drill on a tree with a diameter of 10 mm. You also need to drill holes in a long board. Then all the blanks must be joined together.

At the last stage, a drum made of round log is installed between the side walls of the shelf, to which the lids from the cans are then screwed.

The detailed process of manufacturing a simple homemade roundabout shelf for cans with self-tapping screws and screws, see the video on the site.