How to make an electric saw from a small grinder

The idea of ​​using an angle grinder (angle grinder) for the manufacture of a chain electric saw is not new. However, there is no consensus on the advisability of using such a hybrid tool.

On the one hand, with a grinder (this tool is available in almost every workshop), there is no need to buy a chainsaw.

But it should be noted that working with an electric saw from a grinder is unsafe. Therefore, we must weigh the pros and cons before deciding on such modernization.

Masters who have already made an electric saw from a grinder (angle grinder) argue that this unit copes with sawing small logs, boards and bars without problems. But cutting large logs with such a homemade tool is still not recommended.

The process of manufacturing a chain saw

The first step is to cut a rectangular metal plate about 10 mm thick. In it you need to drill a hole, and then weld the ring from the pipe.

Further, in the center of the workpiece, the author drills two more holes, but of a smaller diameter. They need to insert the bolts, and then scald.

At the next stage, a part of the casing from the grinder and a piece of sheet metal of an L-shaped form are welded to the plate. On the other side of the plate, the author welds two pieces of a strip with holes.

After this, the resulting "nozzle" must be fixed on the casing of the angle grinder. One mount is fixed with a handle, the second with a bolt.

At the last stage, guide rail and chain are already installed. If desired, pre-"nozzle" can be painted.

Details on how to make a compact chain saw from a small grinder with your own hands can be found in the video on the website.