Original DIY box: from unnecessary trash

In every garage or home workshop, there will always be unnecessary parts or “bits” of metal that remain after certain work.

It’s a pity to throw them away, and there is no place to attach them. In this situation, there is only one way out - to create! Something simple, but useful and beautiful.

For example, you can make your own original box with a lid.

It can be presented as a gift or adapted to your needs in the workshop (you can store small drills or something else).

The main stages of work

To make the box, we need two square pieces of sheet metal. Moreover, it is desirable that one of the sides is grooved.

Then we do the marking and cut out unnecessary pieces of metal in the corners.

We make small cuts along the marking line with the help of a grinder, after which we carefully bend the edges. And we get two finished parts of our casket.

Well, as ready-made - it will still be necessary to boil the joints, and clean the welds with a flap disc or, for example, a grinding nozzle.

We weld a bicycle chain along the contour of the lower and upper parts of the casket.

Then we connect the base to the lid using a clothespin loop. Why clothespin?

It just works on a similar principle. When you click on the protruding part of the homemade loop, the lid of the box opens.

We weld a large bearing to the bottom of the base, which will act as a stand, and weld two small bearings to the cover.

But you can do without them. Then it remains only to paint everything, and the gift box is ready.

For details on how to make an original box with your own hands, see the video on the site.