Stand decor

Today we will decorate a beautiful stand for a bottle of wine (or champagne). The product can also be used as a candy box. You can purchase a blank (sled from MDF) in specialized needlework stores. On the Internet, there are also similar accessories for hand-made. So, in addition to sledding, we will need:
- 2 m of silver tape, width - 13 mm;
- acrylic pearl paint and a piece of sponge;
- 2 m of blue satin ribbon, width - 9 mm;
- rhinestones of blue color, diameter - 6 mm;
- 1 m white lace, width - 2 cm;
- 10 pcs of sequins "snowflakes", each diameter - 2 cm;
- 2 beautiful openwork beads, diameter - 1.5 cm;
- good transparent glue ("Moment-Gel" is suitable);
- 1 m wide blue translucent tape, width - 7 cm.
The sizes of the necessary materials are given conditionally, you can pick up original ribbons and rhinestones, if you want. The main thing is to show imagination.
Here is the blank stand for a bottle of wine (sled from MDF):

The approximate length of the product is 30 cm, width is 12 cm, and height is 14 cm. First of all, we cover the sled with acrylic paint using a regular sponge. As soon as the first layer dries, immediately apply the second. So the color will be more saturated. It is possible to prime the workpiece before painting, but I decided to do without it.

We cut two strips of silver ribbon, approximately along the length of the sled. It is best to attach the tape to the workpiece to determine the exact size of the segment. The tips of the strips can be slightly fused with a lighter, so they will look neater. Glue the ribbons to the blank, as in the photo.

Using the same method, we determine the length of a fragment of a blue ribbon. We glue this strip at the junction of two silver segments.

Now we will fix the sparkles. We drip a drop of glue, apply a snowflake. A drop of glue "peeps" through a hole in a snowflake.

Press the blue strazik on top.

In order to evenly stick snowflakes, you first need to outline the places of their attachment with a ruler. And we repeat it five times.

Now let's start creating a bow for our stand for a bottle of wine. We cut two strips of the widest ribbon, about 20 cm each. Of these, we get two bows that will be attached to the sides of the sled.

Fold the fragment in half so that the ends of the tape are joined in the middle. And we sew a seam "forward a needle".

We tighten the seam. We should get a bow. Cut off about 18 cm of lace, stitch the needle “forward” along one edge and pull it together. Here is the result:

Now back to the silver ribbon. We cut three fragments of 20 cm each. We fold each of them in half and fasten with a needle and thread.

Sew all three fragments into a bow. We make similar decoration elements from two segments of a blue ribbon 15 cm long, and then also 8 cm long.

The next stage is the final bow. We sew all the elements into a single beautiful decoration. From above we fasten an openwork bead.

We glue the bow to the sled. And now we repeat all the steps first, only for the other side of the product. You can use the finished stand as a candy can for storing sweet treats.

And here is an example of the direct use of sledges as a stand for a bottle of wine (or champagne).