Felt passport cover

To keep your passport clean and tidy, we offer you to make a beautiful and original felt cover for it. The main "highlight" of such a cover will be a bright application.

For work, it is necessary to prepare the materials and tools specified in the following list:
• paper;
• pencil;
• ruler;
• felt fabric of different colors;
• colored threads for embroidery;
• needle;
• scissors.
Step-by-step instructions for making a cover.
1. On a sheet of paper, the dimensions of which correspond to the dimensions of the passport, we draw a sketch of the application.

2. We cut out all paper patterns, transfer them to felt and perform patterns of application details.

3. From the passport we take measurements of the front side and, accordingly, we cut out the pattern of the cover from felt. It consists of the main part, which will serve as the “face” of the cover, and two side parts.

4. A cover seam is made out of the cover, connecting the main part with the side ones.

5. On the front side of the cover we carry out the application. We will do this with a seam “forward needle” or “stitches”. First we sew the kitten figure.

6. Fasten the bow in the neck.

7. Sew butterflies, embroider them with antennae.

8. In the lower corner we attach a flower.

Beautiful exclusive cover for the document is ready!